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Moon Pictures

I took these one evening from my desk at the EBI using a £20 greyscale Connectix/Logitech QuickCam taped to the back of a pair of £20 Dixons binoculars and looking through some double glazing. Once dismantled, these little cameras can see in infra-red as well! The last picture (bottom-right) was taken more recently with my new Canon SX20 IS camera with its standard (non-changeable) lens . It can also focus closer than 0.5 cm so is an amazingly wonderfully good camera.

You can find a better Moon picture at one of NASA's sites. To learn more about the phases of the moon try this answers site. For the more serious astronomers, and electronic hackers, there are some better shots using the newer high-resolution web cameras.
its the moon again A picture of the moon
Another Moon picture A Moon picture taken from an ordinary Canon SX20 IS